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I. A visit to the planet goes… peacefully? (Still, as usual, the logger is not responsible for dizziness, headaches, death, etc.)
II. Retcon: Jalen gives Lana a late Christmas present
III. Soma and Webb chat

Chris: *in the shuttle wearing excursion gear with a phaser rifle on his back and a tricorder at his hip, waiting for the rest of the exploratory away team*
Naara: *Enters the shuttle, wearing similar atire and carrying the same array of equipment* Commander. *Nods*
K'Rinn: *Taps a few buttons on the console (in cockpit area) the engines making low "poewering up" and "powering down" sounds*
Steve: *arrives sortly after Naara, looking completely in awe at the fact he's been assigned to pilot the new Cricket shuttle, but over whelmingly happy. Sees everyone else, but nods and addresses Chris first* Commander.
Jeanne: *Is in the appropriate attire as she enters the shuttle*
Chris: Ensigns. *not good at small talk* *glances at the cockpit* Are we about ready?
Sorek: *In the shuttle, being reclusive-ey*
T'Vean: *comes along wih a hand phaser and tricorder and is gonna stay silent for a bit because damnit GW2*
Jeanne: *Awkward*
Naara: *Awkward, what is awkward?* Everyone here?
K'Rinn: *Shouts backwards* Are we all in here? And where's McClaine?
Adrian: *Was swooming over the shuttle*
K'Rinn: *Turns to Steve* OK, this is a new Shuttle and it's kinda twitchy untill you get used to it. So i'm gonna fly it out of the shuttle bay, then you can take over after that, sound good to you?
Steve: *makes a face that clearly faces his offended at first, but shakes it off and nods* Whatever you think is best.
Chris: *WOULD ask T'Vean if everyone is here, since she's the scientist and this is a scientific expedition, but Mero isn't here* Everyone's here. *gives Adrian kind of an amused look* Everyone get in, please. *addressed mostly to T'Vean, and whoever else isn't in the shuttle*
Naara: *Sits down, cradling rifle in her lap*
Adrian: *Gets out of the way and to his designated post ouside the shuttlebay.*
Jeanne: *Is sitting down with a tricorder on her belt*
K'Rinn: Oh cheer up, I'm not the bad guy, just indulge my over protective...ness *engines power up full and the Cricket raises a few inches off the landingbay floor*
Naara: *Starts checking her hand phaser, which is strapped to her belt*
K'Rinn: Oh cheer up, I'm not the bad guy, just indulge my over protective...ness *engines power up full and the Cricket raises a few inches off the landingbay floor*
Naara: *Starts checking her hand phaser, which is strapped to her belt*
Steve: *watches the consoles in front of him while K'rinn starts her up, preparing to take off* You're lucky I can't refuse a pretty woman.
Chris: *has already checked all his equipment, sits on one of the shuttle benches* I assume all of you have read the briefing.
Jeanne: *Nods her head* Yes, sir.
Naara: Class M planet, verdant jungle, threat level unknown?
K'Rinn: Oh-ho, Ensign's today are getting bolder, I think i like it~ *Shuttle moves forward through the shuttlebay past the bay shielding and into freespace*
K'Rinn: Ok there you go! *swaps over control to Steves console without warning*
Chris: *nods* Ensign Naara and I are going to scope out a perimeter while you set up whatever needs to be set up. *means "you scientists"* *in the general direction of the cockpit* Set us down in field, or a clearing if you can't find anything bigger. I don't want anything sneaking up on us while we're in here.
Steve: *instinctively takes control of the shuttle as soon as it's passed over to him, for a moment very quiet and focused as he gets a feel for the ship, then flys her down towards the plain, following Chris's orders* Aye sir.
Naara: Permission to suggest that the shuttle weapons systems be activated after we land, Sir?
Chris: Good idea, but I'd hope it's already active. *in the direction of the cockpit* What's our weapons status?
K'Rinn: *Turns to Steve again* Sorry, I might have a tendencey to sideseat drive, especially since she's new
K'Rinn: *Back to Chris* The exterior weapons are working fine, although they will be deactivated during re-entry, but the'll be online once we're at ground level
Steve: *looks over to K'rinn briefly before concentracting on piloting again, though half smiles* It's ok, I understand. *flies them close and prepares to enter the planets atmostphere, informing the crew as such*
Naara: Good. Our landing will scare off anything hostile... At least, anything hostile capable of hearing... But i'd prefer to be safer than sorry...
Jeanne: *Is in le awkward seat of silence*
Chris: *eyebrow raise of "Who put you in charge, Naara?"*
Naara: *Looks down slightly* Sorry sir, just my opinion. Please ignore me.
K'Rinn: *Half tease, just loud enough to hear in the back*I think we should go into low power (quiet) mode for landing? we dont wanna upset any indigious life. >=3
Chris: *just shrugs, mentally kicking himself. Gotta show everyone who's the boss or they'll walk all over you. But he can't think of any orders to yell at people that wouldn't be stupid, since they all know their jobs.*
Steve: *smirks a little at K'rinn, preparing to land in a clearing* Low power you say? *is teasing a little too*
Naara: *Shiiiiiit tried to give Chris orders, accidentally... Well, she thinks that*.
T'Vean: *has been silent for a while, then turns to Jeanne* Ensign Chevalier, you will help me find a suitable area to set up the equipment we brought when we land.
Steve: *pilots the shuttle carefully and easily down into a clearing on the planet, looking pleased with himself*
Chris: *to the scientists* I want you to get everything ready in here while Ensign Naara and I check things out outside. *to the cockpit* Anything on sensors?
Naara: *Primes rifle, sets to "Heavy Stun"*
K'Rinn: *Boots up the sensors* Theres some random spots of organic life around, but nothing large enough to mame you
Jeanne: *Resonds to T'Vean* Yes, Ma'am. *Nods her head*
Steve: *adds to K'rinn's report* Everything looks good sir, surrounding area looks perfectly safe.
Chris: *to Naara* I'd prefer you use your phaser for close-range things, Ensign. *unslings his own phaser rifle, pretty sure he's a better shot with it than she is*
K'Rinn: Although... *pauses, half joking again* I can't vouch for poisenious life and diseased animals!
Naara: *She's a better shot than him and he knows it* Yes sir. *Un-primes rifle, slings over shoulder, and primes her hand phaser*
T'Vean: * sets her phaser to stun , it makes a noise* * gose over to a small stack of equipment in the back of the shuttle and grabs something to hang over her shoulder and boxes with handles in each hand, all look like heavy equipment* *turns to both Jenera and Jeanne* Let's wait for Commander Hayes's signal. *goes stand in the shuttle entrance for a better view*
Chris: *leaves the shuttle, sweeping his phaser rifle across the trees, looking for anything that moves and not seeing anything*
Naara: *Follows and does the same*
Jeanne: *Nods her head and grabs a lighter peice of equipment*
Chris: The trees are clear. *to Naara* What about the immediate area?
Naara: *Scanning with eyes* Clear!
K'Rinn: *Gets up out of seat and briskly walks to the rear doors(isnt leaving)* before you all run off, i just want to let you all know something. *serious* There could be anything out there, so you should all be careful, stay alert, and MOST important, don't trapse mud back in here.
Chris: *tries not to grin* You heard the lady.
Steve: *listening in on K'rinn's orders and even laughs a little at her last comment* Couldn't agree more!
K'Rinn: Turns back to Steve* Like i said, she's new, (voice fading off from the outside perspective) we don't want muck on the sils so soon *returns to the cockpit*
Naara: *Continuing her vigilance*
Jenara: *excited* *Stands up and collects the things she needs*
Steve: Of course not! She deserves more care than that.
T'Vean: * looking out of the shuttle doors, somewhat impatient*
Chris: *figures it's best to spell this out* OK, come out and get set up. Naara and I'll keep watch for anything that moves. *to Naara* Don't shoot unless it comes running at us. *or is otherwise hostile, but he figures he doesn't have to say that*
Naara: *Nods* Sir. *STILL Holds phaser tightly in her hand*
Jeanne: *So... may we go now...?*
T'Vean: *let's go gesture with hand* Alright, let's go. * steps out of the shuttle and quickly moves over to the clearest area in the clearing that she can find*
K'Rinn: *Sits down and says in a quite voice to Steve* When there all out of out line of sight "Bold Ensign" *makes areoplane gegure with hand and winks*
Jeanne: *Follows T'Vean watching her step*
Jenara: *nervous* *Looks around at the strange plant life and gets a jolt of excitment*
T'Vean: * begins unfolding a 'box' transporable table, looks at Jenera , noticing her excitment, but keeps her attention on the gear set up* Don't worry Ensign, you will have plenty of time to Explore this week.
Steve: *raises an eyebrow at the gesture, but smirks and obviously loves the idea* Are you sure we won't get into trouble Commander?
Chris: *gets a comm and steps to one side to take it in private*
Jeanne: *Smiles looking around for an adequate place to set the equipment*
Jenara: *Smiles at T'vean* This is the first time I've leaft the Legacy since arriving, it's wonderful to be on a planet with so much green again!
Naara: *Starts patrolling*
Chris: *heads over to Naara* I'm needed on the ship, Ensign, so you're on your own. Keep the eggheads safe.
T'Vean: I'm sure you will see many more. * does not see sitting in the joungle as anything special , nope*
Naara: *Nods* Yes sir.
Jeanne: *Thinks she has found an adequate space to place the equipment*
Jenara: *Smiles* I do hope so.
Chris: *heads over to T'Vean* I'm needed on the ship. You're in charge. Don't fuck up.
Naara: *Continues patrolling*
K'Rinn: Get in trouble? *Chuckles lightly* It's all about how you execute it. *contacts Chris through intercom and winks again* Sir, the sensors are starting to get wierd echos due to the trees and plantlife, we might be wise to take some scans from the air, while circling your position of course.
Mobile Mycelium: *Looks like a tentacled tumbleweed, is pulling itself along the grass, ignoring strage bipedal things*
Chris: *responds to K'Rinn* Acknowledged. Do it, and keep Commander T'Vean posted.
Jenara: *Pretty sure he just used an Earth... naughty word*
Jeanne: *Waits till T'Vean is done speaking* Commander T'Vean, I think this would be a suitable spot for the euqiment.
K'Rinn: Roger that Sir! *closes com and makes waving motion at Steve's console* You heard the man =3
T'Vean: *eyebrow lift at Chris'es language towards her* Of course not, Sir. * decides not to say anything to him because obviously upset Chris is obviously upset*
Chris: *taps his commbadge* Hayes to Legacy, one to beam up. *transportersparklewhoosh*
Steve: *grins from ear to ear, eagerly pressing buttons and moving levers to ready shuttle for taking off again* Don't need to tell me twice!
K'Rinn: *Comlink to T'vean* K'rinn to T'vean, we're gonna be taking some airborn scans, if you need anything we can be over your position in no time~
Naara: *Still patrolling, sees nothing threatening*
T'Vean: *turns her attention to Jeanne* Go ahead. Keep in min dthat we will bring more equipment and tents down tomorrow.
Mobile Mycelium: *Pulls itself ever so slowly towards scientists*
Steve: *powers shuttle up and flies her over the jungle like forests, just enjoying being able to pilot again* This is brilliant...
Jeanne: *Nods her head and sets down the equipment*
T'Vean: *answers K'rinn on her Com* Aknowledged , Commander. *turns to Naara's direction, shouts in a none shouty fashion* Stay close to the camp, Ensign!
Naara: Yes Sir! *Comes back towards them*
K'Rinn: *Agrees with Steve, but from the engineering angle, not the flying one* Yeah, this Cricket has a sorta hybrid Thruster/Implust drive, it's really smooth in atmospheres~
Steve: *nods* I felt that when taking her in, a lot better than the standard shuttles.
Jenara: *Sees a brown shape and wonders if she should tell someone... desides to wander over and take a look, tricorder ready*
Mobile Mycelium: *Continues to move along ground very slowly, ignores large blue-black thing, which it cannot see anyway*
Jeanne: *Setting up stuff*
K'Rinn: Well it's a "NX"(prototype), I was contacted by a friend in one of the devolopment faclities, and I managed to coax it out of R&D. It was just being stored away collecting dust, can you believe it?
Steve: *blinks and looks shocked and disgusted* Really?! That's fu- *stops himself from swearing* that's insane! She's a beaut! Deserves much better than that! *winks at K'rinn* But I'm sure you'll take good care of her now that you've got your hands on her, huh?
Jenara: *Reaches the tumble weed and bends down in the strange redish/pink grass. Takes Tricorder reading being sure not to touch it*
T'Vean: Has her back turned to the opposite direction to where the Mycelium is coming from so sees nothing* * attempting to set up a cylindric instrument that requieres to be partly pulled up by handles at the sides* Ensign Chevalier, help me with this.
Naara: *Reaches them, and looks around*.
Mobile Mycelium: *Still oblivious, moving forwards, strands reaching out sloooowwwwly*
Jeanne: *Walks over to T'Vean* Yes ma'am?
Jenara: Hey little fella, wonder If I could take you up the the ship to do extra tests... *mumbles more to herself than the fungus infront of her*
K'Rinn: But of course~ *grins* There we're a couple more varients back there too, but I only hade the time and infulence to liberate one of them, it's good we got one... *a bit solom but then enthusastic* I guess next time we're back at Earth, we'll have to get her siblings X3
T'Vean: *nods towards the cylindric device with the handles, then grabs a handle herself* *to Naara without looking at her* Ensign Naara, you don't have to be this close, I just ment that you stay in sight. My apologies for not clarifying.
Steve: *after a short time lands the shuttle back into the landing they first landed in*
NPC Pilot: *beams down right in front of the shuttle and hops in* Hey, McClaine, you're needed back up on the ship right away. I'm to take your place. *jerks his thumb out the door* You'll get beamed up when you step out.
Naara: *Nods* Sir. *Looks over to Jenara, wondering what she's doing, and walks over*
Jeanne: *Grabs the other handle*
Steve: *frowns deeply, not liking being kicked out of the pilot seat so soon but sighs and nods, getting up* Right, right. *looks over to K'rinn and winks* Was nice flying with you Commander.
Mobile Mycelium: *A tendril sloooowly reaches out and touches her boot* *And since it has neve come across leather or whatever synthetic material the boots are made off, assumes it's a tree*
T'Vean: *to Jeanne* Pull it up. *pulls on her handle*
K'Rinn: *sadface, bold ensign leaving*
Jeanne: *Pulls up, as instructed*
K'Rinn: Nice flying with you aswell, hope to do it again X3
NPC Pilot: *takes his place in the pilot seat and settles back to wait for further instructions*
Jenara: *Watches it's movement and moves her boot away slowly as not to hurt it, running the tricorder over the place where it had touched her boot just to make sure it hadn't left anything behind*
Steve: I hope so too. *is flirty, flirty and then leaves, getting beamed up when he leaves the shuttle*
Mobile Mycelium: *Has secreted a minute ammount of digestive chemicals, wich will probably just leave a light scuff*
Naara: *Comes over* Ensign, are... *Sees Mycelium, and raises phaser* Has this thing acted hostile?
T'Vean: * The cylinder gets pulled into place with a thunk noise, something clicks in place and 'feet' come out to scure the cylinder on the groun* *bends down to push a few buttons on the side of the cylinder* * a sort of antenna comes out and starts slowly turning* Thank you Ensign Chevalier. Keep setting up things over there please. * points at an eara a few feet away where there are more boxes*
Jeanne: *Nods her head and keeps on setting things up and does whatever is logical because I have to go*
Jenara: *looks up a little startled* It's a fungus, it seems to be able to be able to move around... all it seems to be able to do is aimlessly search for food. I don't think it can halm anyone. *Wonder if I should ask her... worth a try* May I take it back to the Legacy to run further tests?
K'Rinn: *Prepares to leave shuttle too, turns to NPC pilot* ...And remember, keep the intermix ratio on the thrusters within a tolerance of 0.6. *pucks up backpack and a few odds and sods and exits the shuttle*
NPC Pilot: *salutes as K'Rinn leaves*
Naara: *Frowns* Handle it with protective clothes, and secure it in some form of container. I'd ask Commander T'Vean, she's more qualified to judge.
Jenara: Yes I'll ask her now... watch it doesn't run away please. *Heads toward T'vean, coughs to get her attention*
Mobile Mycelium: *Gently tries to follow Jenara's boots, since it assumes its some kind of odd tasting nommy tree*
Naara: *Aims phaser* Don't move.
T'Vean: *turns to Jenara* Yes?
Mobile Mycelium: *Ignores her, obviously, but move so slow it doesn't really matter*
K'Rinn: *opens up tricorder and gets bearing on T'veans group and walks off into the shrubbery*
Jenara: I've found an unusual form of fungi and I was wondering, with proper care... could I take it back to the Legacy to run further tests, it's most interesting.
T'Vean: *thinks for a moment* Are you sure it's harmless?
K'Rinn: *Spots T'vean and Jenara leaning over something, and walks up behind them unoticed while they are absorbed in observing the "thing"
Jenara: I wouldn't handle it but I don't think it'll jump up and eat anyones heads off *giggles* It's kind of cute
K'Rinn: *To them both* Whats so facinating down there?
Naara: *Phaser still trained on the Mycelium*
Mobile Mycelium: *Still slowly moving, and looking for more trees to nom*
T'Vean: *not entirely convinced* Where is it?
Jenara: *points over at Naara and the Mycelium and giggles at Naaras idea of 'keeping an eye' on the fungus*
T'Vean: * sees the brown ball on the ground and leans over it* I see... * takes out her tricorder and scans it quickly* .... It seems harmless enough. Be sure to put it in a secure container.
Naara: Which I suggested. *Still has phaser trained on Mobile Mycelium*
Jenara: Thank you. *Containers the fungus cearfully and requests to be beamed up*
Naara: *Relaxes, now she doesn't have to cover fungus*
Mobile Mycelium: *Tries to nom container, but fails*
K'Rinn: Ok, where's your stuff? I'll get it all calibrated to within an inch of its life. =3
T'Vean: * hadn't noticed K'rinn before so is surprised for a second* Ah, K'rinn. I don't think that's necessary. We checked the equipment before we took the shuttle.
Naara: *Mutters* Better safe than sorry...
K'Rinn: Ahh, nonsence, you can never check this stuff enough *starts rummaging with equipment* The one time you don't is always the one time it breaks~
T'Vean: * raises eyebrows, but complies* Do as you please.
K'Rinn: I'll do just that~ *tinker tinker* Is there anything in particualar you wanna look for? i'm no biologist.
T'Vean: JUst makes sure the readings are as clear as possible.
Naara: *Continues to scan and patrol*
And then another team beamed down to take their place.

Jalen: *on the 27th, is dressed in a Santa hat and an oversized red coat holding a present for Lana* *Knocks on Lana's door* Ho ho ho! *Has been reading on Christmas traditions*
Lana: *opens the door and looks surprised to see Jalen* *then grins* Couldn't find the chimney, Spots?
Jalen: Um... no! My... reindeer are exhausted and they're tired of roofs. And I'd look suspicious climbing onto the roof. Anyway, here! *Holds out the present*
Lana: *grins and takes it* They even have reindeer on Trill?
Jalen: Well, kinda... They're like reindeer, but bipedial. And carnivorous. Buuuut you've probably never heard of a Manev. ...Have you?
Lana: Um, no. Not really. *steps back* Wanna come in?
Jalen: Sure, thanks! *Steps inside and takes off his hat, putting it in his pocket* Sorry I'm late with the present. >_>
Lana: *grin* Had to make a quick run to the trade centre? *shakes the box* So what's in it?
Jalen: A present inside of a box. *grins* Open it! *it's a model shuttle*
Lana: *grins and opens it, laughing when she sees the model shuttle* Haven't had one of these in years.
Jalen: *Chuckles* They're hard to come by these days.
Lana: Wouldn't know. You a collector?
Jalen: Really? That's kinda surprising. Oh well, this might be the first time I gave someone an original present! 8D *Means original as in they didn't already get that present*
Lana: Really? *flops down on a couch* How many presents you give out, then?
Jalen: Ehhh, one or two every year. But it seems like the /always/ already got what I give to them! You ever run into that problem?
Lana: I give booze, cash, things like that. *grins, acknowledging that she's the worst gift-giver in the history of gift-giving* No matter how much you got, more's always great.
Jalen: *Bids* This is true. Maybe I should do that. *Grins* ...But then that /still/ wouldn't be original, since I got it from you. Hmmm...
Lana: Doesn't have to be. That's the beauty of it.
Jalen: That's also true. Lana, you're a lifesaver. *grins*
Lana: I do my best. *grins* Speakin' of booze, thirsty?
Jalen: Well, kinda. Long as it doesn't have <chemical mainly found in crappy beer> in it.
Lana: *hops up* You gotta know, I got no idea what you just said. *heads to the replicator*
Jalen: Just no crappy beer, please.
Lana: Whatever you say, Spots. *returns with two glasses of replicated tequila*
Jalen: *Takes his glass, assuming she's handing it to him* Thanks. So, um... how are you?
Lana: *hands him a glass and gives a little sigh* It's, uh, complicated. Oh. Talked to C-counsellor Torven 'bout the... *gestures vaguely at her head, visibly nervous now that she's thinking of the whole thing* The thing. He said maybe he can h-help.
Jalen: *Nods* That's nice. I'm glad you're starting to trust them again. *smiles* Did... did he say when he could do it?
Lana: *shakes her head and plops herself down on the couch again* Nope, 'fraid not. But... *shakes her head again* I still don't wanna do it.
Jalen: But think about how much better you'll feel when it's gone.
Lana: What if it's just another guy in my head, takin' stuff out, puttin' stuff in?
Jalen: I'm sure he's not. *Takes a sip* I mean, the Vulcans have a bunch of moral codes, from what I've heard.
Lana: *shivers* Not all of 'em.
Jalen: But it wasn't a Vulcan who went into your mind. I know this is scary for you Lana, but please, go through with it.
Lana: *little grin* Sure, sounds like fun. Like a lobotomy. Who doesn't love those?
Jalen: *Stifles a chuckle* Welll... Okay, you got me there, but... it's not a lobotomy. It's, umm... I don't even know what it's like. So maybe I shouldn't be saying it's not so bad. >_>
Lana: *eyes go a little unfocused* Trust me, Spots... It is. *blink blink* But hey, maybe it'll be gone soon. Outta mind, outta sight, or whatever.
Jalen: But what if it doesn't? Maybe it's like... dirt on a carpet. At first it's easy to clean out, but eventually it gets ground in there.
Lana: In what kinda universe's that supposed to make me feel better?
Jalen: I'm just saying, it's important that it's fixed.
Lana: *makes a face* Yes mom. When'd I get to be somethin' that's gotta be fixed?
Jalen: Well, not fixed, it's just that... I want you to get better.
Jalen: Because I hate seeing people hurt.
Lana: People get hurt. Fact of life. *drinks synth-tequila*
Jalen: I know, but... it's right in front of you. Maybe I'm just being overprotective, but that's why I'm asking you to get help.
Lana: Uh-huh. *downs the rest of her drink like a shot* Think it'll work if I'm drunk?
Jalen: I'm sure alcohol'd help, but try not to get drunk. I really don't think that minds are the easiest to go through when they're drunk. *small grin*
Lana: Spots, all the time you've known me, you ever seen anythin' that'd make you think my mind'd /ever/ be easy to go through?
Jalen: *Chuckles* I... don't think so, no. *grins*
Jalen: Maybe it'd make it easier, hmm...
Lana: *throws her empty glass in his general direction, aiming low so it'll land on the couch rather than shattering on the floor behind him if she misses* Jerk!
Lana: *grinning*
Jalen: *Laughs* Maybe some of the alcohol would go over to his brain! You ever seen a drunk Vulcan before?
Lana: God no. Those guys get drunk?
Jalen: Supposedly! I've heard it's off chocolate!
Lana: *drums her fingers on one knee thoughtfully* How much trouble d'you think we'd get for reprogrammin' the replicators to give 'em chocolate on the sly?
Jalen: If the CO has a sense of humor, almost none. But knowing ours...
Lana: God, he'd draw an' quarter us.
Jalen: If he's in a good mood. If he's not... I don't even want to think about it. *Grins*
Lana: Yeah. *stretches and yawns* Hey Spots, thanks for stoppin' by, buuut I gotta get some sleep.
Jalen: Yeah, me too. It's a lotta work being hyper. *grins and gets up* Bye Lana, and merry late Christmas!
Lana: *gets up too* Thanks, Spots. An' thanks for the ship. *grins and opens the door for him*
Jalen: Oh, no problem! Bye Lana! *Exits*

Webb: *playing a game of pool in rec room 3, dressed in civvies for once*
Soma: *walks into the rec room, his shift is over but he is still wearing his normal uniform*
Webb: *gives Soma a nod* Ensign. How are you this evening?
Soma: *presses his hands together and bows* Good evening Captain. I am doing very well sir, thank you for asking. How are you?
Webb: I am also well. *somewhat miffed at having his alone time interrupted, but gives no indication*
Soma: *tries to make some conversation* You like to play b...billiards, Captain?
Webb: Pool, yes. Yes I do. I try to play now and again, it relaxes me.
Soma: I us...used to play at a Gentlemen's Club when I was a student at Cambridge, though I was never very good at it.
Webb: There is another table in Rec Room 2, if you wish to play. *rude old man is rude*
Soma: No sir, I do not wish to play. But, thank you for letting me know for th...the future.
Webb: Of course. *goes back to his game* What do you like to play, besides pool?
Soma: Umm checkers was always good for me and some card games.
Webb: So a man of strategy, then.
Soma: I suppose. I found that the...these games were very helpful at aiding the mind in problem solving skills.
Webb: Any other games you enjoy?
Soma: P...pinball. I got to play it a few times and found it to be very addictive.
Webb: ...Do you stutter, Doctor?
Soma: On..only around people I do not know well. I get nervous and lack confidence in what I say. It did not really manifest until High-School.
Webb: No reason to be nervous around me, Doctor. I don't bite.
Soma: You are still my superior officer though, sir.
Webb: Well, as far as I know, you haven't done anything to incur my displeasure, so relax.
Soma: Yes sir. *lets his shoulders slump a little*
Webb: However, if you /do/ incur my wrath, say, disobey orders or make a nusiance of yourself, then you have reason to be nervous. *friendly smile*
Soma: *shivers slightly at the smile* I can promise you captain. I would never disobey the orders of a superior officer. But if I ever do make a nusiance of myself. *bows his head* I shall apologize now and again when if it ever happens.
Webb: If I had made note of every time an officer had assured me they would never disobey orders, and later did. *shakes his head* However, I won't let my previous experience cast a shadow you, Doctor.
Soma: Th...thank you, Captain. And there is no need to call me Doctor, I am off duty. You may call me Soma if you like.
Webb: I prefer not to use names, you may choose between Doctor and Ensign.
Soma: Then, Doctor suits me fine, sir.
Webb: That's what I thought.
Soma: Captain, I heard from Lt. Commander Vekal, that you have been to other Universes, what are they like?
Webb: Been talking to Commander Vekal, have you? I'm sure /that/ was interesting.
Soma: We had an interesting discussion on people and personal beliefs.
Webb: I'm sure you did.
Soma: Wh..what were these other Universes like?
Webb: They were.... interesting. Some of the reports are available, if you want to read them, Why is a Doctor interested in other universes, may I ask? That seems more of a scientist's area.
Soma: *offers a small smile* I read a lot of science fiction.
Webb: Then why not become a scientist?
Soma: I believe a medical doctor is able to help people more. And, seeing them get well and recover makes me feel happy.
Webb: Oh, it makes you /feel happy/. *a tiniest tinge of either amusement or scorn in his tone, it's really hard to tell which if you even notice it* Well, how excellent for you then, congratulations.
Soma: You... find that interesting, sir?
Webb: I don't believe I said that, no. I was just congratulating you on reaching your dream.
Soma: That is not my dream. As a doctor I seek to help all who medical treatment, that is my job and what I believe in.
Webb: Ah, but didn't you just say that seeing them recover and get well makes you feel happy? Being happy is not your dream, then?
Soma: *smiles a bit* When I have a helped someone, and I see them recover and get well; I am happy because I know they will be able to continue their lives.
Webb: If that is not your dream, what is? *playing his game this whole time*
Soma: *smiles* You will laugh if I tell you.
Webb: *holds up up his hand, thumb and pinky crossed in front of the other fingers* I won't. Scout's honor.
Soma: dream, my singular dream is to meet the woman I can love forever and who will love me back.
Webb: *doesn't laugh* Ah, as guessed. Quite a typical dream, if I may say.
Soma: *bows his head* Thank you for not laughing sir. Wha...what is your dream?
Webb: *dryly* To Captain my own- oh, wait. Dream achieved.
Soma: *smiles warmly* Then I congragulate you, sir. It's truely a great thing when one reaches their dream in life.
Webb: Yes, I'm simply /overflowing/ with happiness.
Soma: *has very little concept of sarcasam* You contain it very well, sir.
Webb: Years of practice.
Soma: *yawns, making sure to cover his mouth* Forgive me sir, for cutting our conversation short. But, I am tried from my shift. Might I have permission to be excused?
Webb: Of course. Goodbye, Doctor.
Soma: *Presses his hands together and bows* Good evening, Captain. And thank you for the conversation. *turns and leaves*
Webb: *continues his game*
Daily logs from January 1st.

Webb played by ~trollinthecloset
Chris and Lana played by ~RiseofDarkFire
K'Rinn played by =Trakker
T'Vean played by ~Merokosart
Steve played by ~NekoHellAngel
Naara and the Mobile Mycelium played by ~jasongallagher
Jeanne and Adrian played by ~Musicisaportal
Jalen and Sorek played by ~nopinky
Soma played by ~Knight-BIshop
Jenara played by ~Munchkinmay
All characters belong to their RPer.
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