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Daily Logs 6-3-17
I. Leslie accidentally unlocks Rene's tragic backstory and coffee
Rene: *His shift has just ended and having finished handing off to the next watch, he's heading to the door with the other medical staff.**Sighs deeply and pinches the bridge of his nose.* Sometimes, I think every ensign on this ship has a death wish.
Leslie: *right behind him, already letting out her hair and coming through it with her fingers* *laughs a little* Only the ones who requested this assignment. Ensign.
Rene: *Throws a look over his shoulder at the reminder of his own rank.* Mad all of them. *Sighs.* I need a coffee.
Leslie: Mind if I come with you?
Rene: By all means Lieutenant, but we'll need to stop by my quarters. I need something more than replicator swill today.
Leslie: Oooh. Fancy coffee. I have no desire to go to your quarters; I'll meet you in the lounge.
Rene: *Laughs* I certainly don't blame you. *Not very fond of ensign quarters either.* I'll only be in there long enough to collec
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Daily Logs 5-24-17
I. Francine and Guhrl are strong-armed through a cave
Guhrl: *Another week, another weeeeeird problem for the Legacy. Apparently, this time it was a tiny magic man messing with the crew. Uh-Huh. Sure. He might be just an ensign, but really? What a goofy rumor... everything is perfectly normal in Engineering*
Francine: *saunters into Engineering, ready to start her shift for the day* *not that she hasn't been doing the odd mechanical fiddling here and there off-shift, but that's mostly with bits she keeps in her room and now she's ready for the big stuff* *god she loves her job* Greetings, compatriot. *mock-salutes at Guhrl* How is our lovely lady doing today?
Guhrl: *ah, a nice tolerable human* Running smooth as silk.
Francine: I never understood that analogy. Silk is many things, but smooth isn't how I'd describe it. *plops herself at a control panel and logs in, scrolling through work assignments and routine maintenance*
Guhrl: Really? *scoffs, looking at his PADD* M
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Daily Logs 5-22-17
I. Roll for aggravation: Molly and Leslie navigate a maze
Molly: *invites Leslie to the holodeck for some sort of relaxation spa day of swimming pools and manicures because she needs to chill and Leslie probably will enjoy that kind of thing*
Leslie: *fuck yeah friend date* *shows up in a skirted swimsuit under a loose cover dress and a small bag of sundry accessories, including (but not limited to) booze*
Molly: *the holodeck is already engaged and Leslie will find a shady pool area with a few spots of sunlight specifically requested for people not-Molly, while Molly splashes around in a pool*
Leslie: This looks /incredible/. *looking around* *yanks off her dress and tosses her bag to the ground with her dress before sitting at the edge of the pool and dangling her feet in the water* Did you design this?
Molly: I got someone from Engineering to help me modify a base program. *swims to the edge next to her and hangs on to the lip while kicking her feet* Inside there's
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Daily Logs 5-21-16
I. The extremists have their plot foiled
[On a quiet Monday morning, a half-dozen channels on the Aquarius V entertainment network find themselves hijacked by a new signal. The feed is slightly grainy, and the room it shows is dark, but it's not hard to make out the alarming scene within. A glowing column thrusts itself from the center of the floor, a standard fusion nacelle. The protective casing has been stripped away. Four sets of cuffs have been passed through the mounting brackets on the four sides of the column. Four officers are slumped against the column, their hands manacled securely above them. The bottom few inches of the room are sloshing with black liquid. More is dripping from the ceiling. A voiceover computer-generated, kicks in after a few moments. "Somewhere beneath our city, these four interlopers have been taken prisoner. The water level in their cell will rise, over the next week. In five days, they will drown. As they breathe their last breaths, t
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Daily Logs 5-15-17
I. An away team falls into enemy hands
[A team has been sent to explore a section of the city that has been more or less cut off from the main grid, their mission is to find the control hub and get everything back online and reconnected to the rest of the network. What they don't know is that the radicals have taken over that part of the city and are using it as a base. When the team enters this section, the door closes behind them and seals silently without their knowledge as they move forward through the dimly lit hallways, following the map towards the central control station.]
Brava: *along as token redshirt, fully kitted out because she's prepared for anything, dammit, and this place creeps her out with the empty hallways* Does anyone else think this place is too quiet? *keeping her voice low because it's echo-y in the halls*
Kaji: *She's only got a tricorder and a phaser and is scanning stuff with the tricorder* It's abandoned tunnels. They should be quiet. *Chee
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Daily Logs 5-6-17
I. Say Goodbye: Elspeth and Webb watch the sunset together on her last evening
Webb: *he's seen the day coming and been actively pretending it doesn't exist, but now it's Elspeth's last evening and he has to acknowledge the situation* *so he asks the locals for a scenic spot and invites Elspeth to join him to watch the sunset* *they meet at a door outside the area, a sign over the door describes what's inside, but it's in the local language* *Webb waits by the door in some sort of business-casual outfit because he wants to look nice but also formal clothing is uncomfortable*
Elspeth: *she's been on a 20th-century fashion kick for a while, but in the last few weeks, her clothes have gone mostly dun and green, deeply earth-colored and unusually drab. Tonight, she'd in a long, casual dress in a lovely shade of dark chocolate. Her hair, out of its usual bun, is tumbled around her shoulders. The two needles are held in place above her ear by a clip* Good evening, darling. *
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Daily Logs 5-5-17
I. Erik and Rein talk language
Erik: *is standing in the transport room, a meter-wide metal sphere hovering next to him. It's covered with little panels, protrusions, nubs, and other strange features*
Rein: *arrives in the transporter room reading the contents of a PADD, looking up just as she enters to be greeted by the sight of Erik's orb* What in the- *stops* What is that? *with a very surprised tone*
Erik: *grins* What, you haven't seen one of these before? I've been refining the design with the engineers for a while. This is the Schroding Sphere. Patent pending. *he winked* Ask me what it does! *he stepps onto the transporter pad, sphere trailing behind him*
Rein: *raises an eyebrow* Why, what does it do? Don't mistake my question for curiosity, I'm mostly just concerned.
Erik: *puts on his best 20th century ad man voice* Does this ever happen to you? You're on the surface of a planet, and something happens to your ship's computer! Your communicator is useless!
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Daily Logs 5-3-17
I. Morgan and Kelsey go shopping on the planet surface
Kelsey: *in the transporter room, having planned to go with Morgan to go down and explore the capital city and learn about the culture and other Starfleety things* *wearing her uniform because this is Official Business* *kinda*
Morgan: *shows up a few minutes after Kelsey, also wearing her uniform* *though she may or may not have a swim suit underneath it, just in case* *smiles when she sees Kelsey* Hey! Hope you weren't waiting too long.
Kelsey: *shakes her head, smiles* No, not at all. Just a minute or so. Ready?
Morgan: Definitely. This is exciting! I feel like I haven't had the chance to explore a new world in forever.
Kelsey: *shakes her head a little* Not since that crazy world fighting over Bellum, if you call that exploring. *^^* This I think I will like better.
Morgan: *switches to French bc why not* |Indeed. The rioting really put a damper on my adventures.|
Kelsey: *grins* |How inconvenient.|
Morgan: |Pr
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Daily Logs 4-30-17
I. Retcon: Elspeth helps Kain with his face
Kain: *sitting in Medical on a bed looking pissy, wearing a silver ring around his neck* *he looks a little worse for wear, with a black eye that's half swollen shut and cuts across his lip, cheek and splitting one eyebrow* *the rest of his body has been healed up, but he basically looks tired and paranoid*
Elspeth: *the avenging angel of the Legacy sick bay, the blue doctor has been working double shifts the whole week, pausing only to sleep when heavily encouraged by Leslie. She appears by Kain's bedside with her tray of goodies. This time, instead of jewelry, it's laden with hypospray vials, clear walls revealing silvery fluid* Friend Kain. *she beams at him* The treatment, it is appearing to work. *her voice gets a bit song-like* Will you be my lovely subject of testing?
Kain: *eyes the hyposprays warily* ...Sure. Why not? *he's looking at her as he talks, but his gaze continuously flickers away across the room and back,
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Daily Logs 4-27-17
I. Leslie goes into Mom Mode and takes care of Elspeth
Elspeth: *is in the lab. In front of her, suspended in a bio-matrix, is a replicated hand, amuptated at the elbow, from which countless hair-thin wires sprout. Around the top of the arm glints a silver bracelet, dotted with blue lights. She's intently staring at readouts in front of her*
Leslie: *comes into the lab, looking for Elspeth, keeping most of her focus on her PADD as she walks* Hey Elspeth, I was wondering if you've seen- what the fuck is that.
Elspeth: *smiles* I am continuing my efforts with the bracelets, yes? The filtration of the sickness's communications via neural patterns? *she blinks, confused* Certainly we talked about them?
Leslie: I wasn't expecting disembodied arms.
Elspeth: *apologetically* I am fearing new-friend Brava asked that I stop testing with her hand.
Leslie: Yeah, I would too. Most aren't fond of being guinea pigs. *steps forward to peer at the limb*
Elspeth: This is a construct, m
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Daily Logs 4-25-17
I. Gary gallantly saves Kaji from imaginary things that want to kill her
Gary: *having a grand old time in the lounge listening to music on his PADD with headphones and rocking it out to the newest jams, bobbing his head along to the beat and playing along on his sick air guitar*
Kaji: *enters the lounge and gets some food from a replicator* *Sits down near Gary and starts reading something off her PADD*
Gary: *grins at her and nods a greeting, playing one final epic riff, finishing out the song with finesse*
Kaji: Hello! What song is that?
Gary: *pulls off his headphones, and you can hear the beginning pulses of the next song coming out* Hey! It's, uhhh *checks PADD* the latest from Underwater Gorilla *sb makes up band names*, I didn't really catch the title but /man/ is it good for jamming out to.
Kaji: Cool! *has never heard of sb's made up band* Anyway... I don't think we've met. I'm Kaji Nova. *extends hand*
Gary: *takes her hand and shakes it grandly* Gerald Step
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Daily Logs 4-23-17
I. Elspeth checks in on Brava
Elspeth: *has been putting off leaving the Legacy with expert skill. Her belongings are untouched, her guide to maintaining the natural pool in the arboretum is unwritten. The word 'prospective' has been tacked onto 'departure day' on her calendar. Even for her own high standards, she's thrown herself into curing this new illness with an almost uncomfortable intensity, the sort that only people who are trying to avoid other, unpleasant tasks can truly display* *she appears by Brava's biobed with a tray of humming and blinking devices* Hello again! *she smiles down at the woman* I am afraid that the previous time we were speaking, you were in a hallucination, and are likely not remembering my name, yes? I am Doctor Elspeth Nalara.
Brava: *is lying on her side in the biobed, since the wounds on her back are refusing to heal despite treatment, and it's super painful. The cuts on her face and hand also don't seem to be any better than they wer
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Daily Logs 4-22-17
I. Webb sacrifices his coffee for the welfare of Brava
Brava: *feeling a bit dazed, had been heading to the lounge to grab a cup of coffee, thinking she just needed some caffeine... but now she's wandering the halls, completely out of it*
Webb: *heading /away/ from the lounge with a mug of coffee in hand, and as he approaches Brava in the hallway he notices she seems to be a bit wobbly* *stops a few feet away and waves a hand in the direction of her face* Ensign, might I suggest more sleep, or perhaps a cup of caffeine?
Brava: *unaware of her surroundings, takes a few seconds to register that someone is speaking to her, and that person is the Captain* ...... Hm? Oh.... yeah. I was.... just going for a cup. *blinks slowly at him, as if her eyes are trying to adjust*
Webb: *comes a little closer so he can scrutinize her expression* Do I need to speak with MacLeod about scheduling too many night shifts in a row?
Brava: No, it's not- *sighs, trying to focus* Weird things.
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Daily Logs 4-21-17
I. Rala and Naara spar in the gym until a new enemy appears
II. Leslie fixes Rala up
Rala: *doing some rolling exercises on the mats in the gym, dodging imaginary blows and turning the dodge into various rolls to see if she can get back to her feet each time*
Naara: *Comes into the gym, spots this... and after a good moment or two of looking on, decides it's probably best not to interfere* *Heads over to the hand weights*
Rala: *misses a roll and goes tumbling to her side instead* *with a grumble of irritation, falls intentionally on her back and takes a breather, turning her head from side to side to stretch out her neck, and spotting Naara in the process*
Naara: *Puts her water bottle down, and goes for a couple of quick stretches* *Spots that Rala has stopped, and gives a gently awkward wave* Hey.
Rala: *tilts her hips back and then does a kip up, landing neatly on her feet and stretching her arms over her head* Your arm, is it hurt?
Naara: *Blinks* No?
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Daily Logs 4-20-17
I. Must be an alternate universe- Webb and Loris get along
Loris: *In the lounge, working up a report and chowing down on some bajoran junk food*
Webb: *he's bored and looking for someone to bother, Loris just happens to be the first person he finds so he gets himself a beer and sits down across from her* Come here often?
Loris: *looks up from her PADD and raises an eyebrow at him* Fairly. Sometimes too often.
Webb: *cracks open his beer* We have to stop meeting like this, Commander.
Loris: I do try to avoid it where I can, Captain, but sometimes you are just inevitable.
Webb: What can I say, I'm a shining constant star aboard this ship. I like to bring some consistency to our otherwise hectic lives.
Loris: I'm sure /someone/ must draw comfort from that
Webb: What, you don't find my presence comforting?
Loris: Not particularly.
Webb: You disappoint me.
Loris:*casually* Do I? I'm so sorry, I thought you knew.
Webb: *scoots his chair back and rests his forehead on the ta
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Daily Logs 4-17-17
I. Medical party in the lounge
Leslie: *in the lounge. With coffee. And churros* *and a PADD with lots of work on it*
Kaani: *rolls into the lounge for a snack, she's off-duty and her hair is loose and very, very long* *grabs a bowl of future!goldfish from the replicator and plants herself across from Leslie without asking, stuffing a handful of the goldfish in her mouth*
Rene: *Wanders into the lounge with a PADD full of paperwork, having just come off shift. Catches sight of the other doctors and moves to join them sitting next to Dr Harrison.*
Leslie: *glances up and nods at both of them* Underling. Underling. *takes a sip of coffee, raising an eyebrow at them* Can I help you two?
Kaani: We're all doctors, you know. *starts arranging goldfish on the table before her in a little scene one by one*
Rene: *Hums vaguely in response, mostly engaged with his paperwork.*
Leslie: I hadn't forgotten. *noms churro* *Rene you are no fun* *looks at Kaani instead* That is a lot m
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Eye tutorial by StingingPistol Eye tutorial :iconstingingpistol:StingingPistol 783 122
It was dark, and so cold.
The handcuff cut into her wrist as she pulled uselessly against it, but the bolt driven into the cave wall was unyielding. She had cried after the kidnappers left, but then decided that would do nothing but dehydrate her, and went back to yanking on the cuff, even though she knew it would do no good.
It didn't make any sense. Why did they want her? He said that the boss wanted to meet her, but then he had left her alone. She had been so scared when they grabbed her, prepared to fight until they had to kill her if it was necessary. But all they had done was to carry her somewhere; a cave looked like, dump her on the ground, and cuff her to the wall. She was ready to pull her knife then, and slash his throat if he attacked her.
But he had not, and now she was alone. Except for the fear. And the fear wouldn't leave. It ached in the pit of her stomach, gnawed at her mind, and shook her body as she tried to steady it. The fear whispered that she wouldn't get out, s
:icontrollinthecloset:trollinthecloset 1 2
Terrence: Our luck is your luck. We're still a crew, whether or not you care.
Vekal: *cold voice gets colder suddenly* We may not be a crew much longer. *looks around for Aro*
Terrence: *frowns and watches Vekal*
Glinn Aro: *looks at Vekal when she looks at him*
Vekal: *folds her arms* I can tell you everything you want to know about the Federation.
A short silence.
Terrence: *quiet* Vekal...
Molly: *looks shocked* What?
Captain Webb: I can't say I didn't see that coming.
Shir: *taken aback by what Vekal said, wanting to believe he heard wrong* Wha...?!
Robert: *looks up at Vekal, then sighs*
Glinn Aro: *smiles* Can you?
Vekal: Yes. *unfolds her arms* Take me to Gul Jecett.
The walk to the interrogation chamber wasn't long. Vekal and Aro spent it in silence. The only sounds came from his heavy boots on the floor and those of the guards that followed them; Vekal, barefoot, walked lightly. Less li
:iconriseofdarkfire:RiseofDarkFire 2 15


Roleplay logs from the group :icontot-legacy:
I had an idea I thought might be fun. Everyone who reads the logs or a log or part of a log should leave a comment! It would foster character discussion and encourage RPers and I think it would overall just be a lot of fun to see feedback.

I'll start the process (I'm Trolli) and I'd love it if you guys would join me!


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